Hi, it’s Rich!
You attended a Mindvalley event that I hosted, and received a secret link, so that I could share materials and keep you informed of future opportunities.

Do you “Silva”?
Silva participants:
Remember those cards at our sessions? Here they are:
Psychometry, Step-by-Step Card
Silva Caseworking, Step-by-Step Card
Silva Blank Caseworking Form
*Keep going!…would you like to reach the ‘magic 50’ with me?

Did you know there is a virtual quest circle for Silva on telegram (this is a Mindvalley hosted one)?

Link to Silva Quest Circle

Do you like listening to a recording to ‘get to your center’?
I recorded a version of the Silva Short Relaxation Exercise with a slower pace, and a longer pause at ‘Level 2’. The total time is 13 minutes: Download the latest version

Did you do your Three Most Important Questions in the Silva quest?
I love the 3 Most Important Questions – while I really enjoyed Lifebook, that single page has been more valuable, month to month. I have been thinking of creating a (password-protected) area where Mindvalley Minnesota friends can share them, see others, and hopefully find new ways to connect and support each other. If you like this idea, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Maybe….you still haven’t completed the Silva Quest…did you know there is a free 45 minute masterclass to introduce you?

Are you wondering…how do I use all the tools in Silva Ultramind?
1. Meditations (Short Relaxation & Centering)
The Short Relaxation exercise helps you get to your alpha state. The Centering exercise does that but also introduces suggestions to make other techniques more effective.
2. Projection Activities (e.g. Home, Plants, Pets, People)
These are just exercises to practice visualizing, with a variety of senses, in great detail. Think of them as a means to exercise your visualization muscles…they are push-ups for your imagination! *Some people get hung-up on the difference between visualization and imagination… these words are not used consistently in the program. Don’t worry about the difference – it doesn’t matter. Something more valuable to consider is whether you are ‘trying’ to create a representation of something (the projection exercises), or ‘surrendering’ to what floats in (psychometry and caseworking)?
3. The Mental Video
The Mental Video is for any situation where you have a burning desire to solve a problem but you don’t know how to get there…you are looking for guidance on how to proceed. This could be big or small, but it should be important to you! Items from your Three Most Important Questions are a great place to start.
4. The Three Scenes Technique
The Three Scenes technique can be used for correcting non-useful habits, addressing health issues, or other situations where you can imagine a step to solve the ‘problem’. The steps you imagine may be symbolic. The key is to start small (skin issues are mentioned as an example).

What else can we do at Creators Space?
I host other events at Creators Space that are open to the public. If you’d like a heads-up when there is an opportunity…shoot me an email at rich@richthomsen.com and I’ll add you to the list. Most recently, I ran a ‘Goals That Inspire (3MIQ)’ workshop and another on ‘Making Better Decisions’, which I will repeat next season. I do roughly one workshop a quarter, so you won’t hear from me very often!

*Based on our recent quest, a Silva workshop could end up on the menu too! After our 3/5 event, I went to the cafe. Someone (I knew) asked me what I was doing. Hahaha… I told them ALL about our 2 Silva meets…and you should have seen the look on their face!
>> a little pause … a slight wrinkle in the eyebrow….and then…they relaxed:
“That sound so FUN, is there a way I can do this too?”. Whew! It was a pretty safe bet on my part, but it did get me thinking about a Creators Space / Mindvalley crossover event.

What’s next?
For my clients and myself, I love pre-commitment as a means to launch one’s life forward. Me sharing this link is one of those things. I wasn’t sure what I was going to put on this page, and it will probably change, but I made the page and a QR-Code to lead you here! So often, people wait for perfection, and as a result, they never really ‘go’. Each week I take a little step forward, and happy to share, I see each of you doing the same!

With Love,

Rich Thomsen
Life Coach, Musician, Artist